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 Evgeny's talk


"Satellite remote sensing of ocean colour. Experience of Nansen-Centre, Russia"

By lingzis    

2016-04-27(Wed) 23:53

 Re: Evgeny's talk


Time: May 19, 2015 (Thursday), 15:00
Site: 1201

By Navy    

2016-05-16(Mon) 09:42

 you are welcome to attend: Evgeny's talk


Evgeny will give a report this Thursday, (all group members)please attend this report.

report name:"Satellite remote sensing of ocean color. Experience of Nansen-Centre, Russia"

Time: May 19, 2015 (Thursday), 15:00

Site: 1201 of NO.2 building

thanks to Haijun and yupen.

By lingzis    

2016-05-16(Mon) 10:59

 Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 创刊


2015年3月18日,Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS,ISSN: 2332-8878) 创刊,为全球生态学科技工作者提供了又一个高水平的出版平台。
EHS 作为以英文出版的在线开放获取期刊将致力于成为一本学术质量高、出版质量优、出版速度快的优质国际期刊,为全球生态学工作者服务。

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 全文链接

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 网站


By lingzis    

2015-03-23(Mon) 02:43

 A spaceborne assessment of cyclone impacts on©Barents Sea surface temperature and chlorophy


A spaceborne assessment of cyclone impacts on©Barents Sea surface temperature and chlorophy, E. Morozova,b*, D. Kondrika, Fedorova, D. Pozdnyakova, D. Tang,
and L. Petterssone. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2015. Vol. 00, No. 00, 1–21,

By RSMEE    

2015-03-26(Thu) 04:44



林静柔1,2,3,唐丹玲 1,2,* ,娄全胜3,潘刚,2015,
LIN Jingrou 1,2,3, TANG Danling 1,2,* , LOU Quansheng3 ,Pan Gang1,2015,The impact of Super Typhoon Nanmadol on the chlorophyll a, temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen in the northern South China Sea。

By lingzis    

2015-04-01(Wed) 22:39

 ZZ Yan's new paper (SCI)


ZhongzhenYan1,2, Yi Sui3,1, Jinyu Sheng3,1, and DanlingTang1,*2015,Changes in local oceanographic and atmospheric conditions shortly after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Ocean Dynamics. DOI: 10.1007/s10236-015-0838-6

By lingzis    

2015-04-04(Sat) 16:47

 Lina's paper(EI)


LiNa Cai, DanLing Tang* , CongYing Li , 2014, SATELLITE OBSERVATION OF CHANGES IN SUSPENDED SEDIMENT INDUCED BY A BAY BRIDGE。Proc. ‘Dragon 3 Mid-Term Results Symposium’, Chengdu, P.R. China 26–29 May 2014 (ESA SP-724, November 2014)。

By lingzis    

2015-04-11(Sat) 23:51

 Congratulations to Lina's new paper


An investigation of spatial variation of suspended sediment concentration induced by a bay bridge based on Landsat TM and OLI data
Advances in Space Research, 56 (2015) 293–303
#105 on

By lingzis    

2015-04-13(Mon) 22:27

 Our new book: Typhoon Disaster Assessment and Emergency Management


Our New Book. GuangJun Sui, DanLing Tang, 2015, Typhoon Disaster Assessment and Emergency Management, Science Press. Beijing, China. 隋广军,唐丹玲,2015.《台风灾害与应急管理》。 科技出版社,北京,中国。

106 on

By lingzis    

2015-04-19(Sun) 17:57

 lina's paper by Remote Sensing Letters (SCI)


Lina Caia,DanLing Tang*, Xiaofeng Li, Hong Zheng, Weizeng Shao,2015, Remote sensing of spatial-temporal distribution of suspended sediment and analysis of related environmental factors in Hangzhou Bay, China. Remote Sensing Letters .sci

Remote Sensing Letters, 2015, Vol. 6, No. 8, 597–603,

#107 on

By lingzis    

2015-06-03(Wed) 18:46

 lina's 3rd paper


Lina Cai, DanLing Tang*, Levy Gad, DongYan Liu, 2015,

Remote sensing of the impacts of construction in coastal waters on suspended particulate matter concentration - the case of the Yangtze River Delta, China"
International Journal of Remote Sensing.

By lingzis     

2015-09-09(Wed) 14:35

 World’s Largest Macroalgal Blooms.。。。


Qianguo Xing, Chuanmin Hu, Danling Tang, Liqiao Tian, Shilin Tang, Xiao Hua Wang, Mingjing Lou,Xuelu Gao,2005, World’s Largest Macroalgal Blooms Altered Phytoplankton
Biomass in Summer in the Yellow Sea: Satellite Observations,Remote Sens. 2015, 7, 12297-12313; doi:10.3390/rs70912297

By lingzis    

2015-09-29(Tue) 00:59

 Yanju's paper


Congratulations to Dr. YanJu Hao

for her new paper

YanJu Hao, DanLing Tang*, Laura Boicenco, Sufen Wang, 2016, Environmental Ecological Response to Increasing Water Temperature in the Daya Bay, Southern China in 1982-2012, Natural Resources (SCI)

By lingzis    

2016-01-13(Wed) 04:03

 (Typhoon 2015 & IOSCS2015)


The 5th International Symposium of Typhoon Sciences and Remote Sensing of the Indian Ocean-South China Sea
(Typhoon 2015 & IOSCS2015)
-- Cooperation in Marine Sciences and Technology for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
24-26 Aug 2015, Guangzhou, China

( IOSCS2015 & Typhoon 2015)


By rsmee    

2015-07-03(Fri) 12:19



Poster program,

By RSMEE    

2015-08-21(Fri) 13:48



2015-08-27 | 编辑:科规处 |
  8月24日,缅甸海事大学河流与海岸工程院院长Khin Kyu Kyu博士访问南海海洋所,并在南海海洋所副所长龙丽娟见证下,Khin Kyu Kyu博士、所长助理兼科规处处长张长生交换了双方领导签署的合作备忘录。唐丹玲研究员主持报告会,科规处副处长佟景全等参加。

  龙丽娟对Khin Kyu Kyu的来访表示热烈欢迎。她指出,南海所与缅甸海事大学在海洋科学领域具有广阔的合作空间与前景,合作备忘录的签署,将推动双方在海洋生态系统保护与修复、海洋灾害监测与预警等领域的深入合作。

  张长生和Khin Kyu Kyu分别介绍了南海所和缅甸海事大学的情况。唐丹玲作 “Satellite remote sensing applications in marine environment and ecology”报告,并与Khin Kyu Kyu研讨了海洋领域相关科研合作愿景。


By lingzis    

2015-08-27(Thu) 22:09

 Re: (Typhoon 2015 & IOSCS2015)


《Typhoon Disaster Assessment and Emergency Management》 published by Science Press (China)


On August 25th 2015, the launching ceremony of 《Typhoon Disaster Assessment and Emergency Management》 was held in International Conference Hall of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). Published by Science Press (China), the book was written by Professor Sui Guangjun (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) and Professor Tang Danling (South China Sea Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences).

Professor Sui Guangjun is an expert in the field of national emergency management while Professor Tang Danling is the Chairman of Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference Association and also a well-known expert in the field of ocean remote sensing and typhoon disaster studies. By breaking the boundary of two different disciplines, Professor Sui and Tang worked together and made the very first and the most authoritative book on typhoon disaster assessment and emergency management. The book, covered with a wide range area of knowledge, is of both theoretical and practical value. It is under the Think Tank Research Book Series of GIIS and also, an important research achievement of Collaborative Innovation Center of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Studies.

Written in 550,000 words, the book has seven parts in 30 chapters. It introduced the background that typhoon is one of the most frequent and dangerous natural disasters in the world. China, located in the west coast of Pacific Ocean, suffers severe typhoon damages in its coastal areas with uncountable economic losses. Combining the latest methodology of social science and natural science, the book gives a systematic study on the distribution, consequences, damage assessment and emergency management of typhoon disaster. It builds a theoretical framework of typhoon disaster assessment and emergency management featuring risk management, emergency management and decision management, which showed the integration and innovation on social science and natural science.

Since China walked into the list of medium-developed country, the economic and population density have soared. As a result, disaster assessment and emergency management has upgraded itself to an important issue of national strategy. On this basis, the book provides valuable and operative solution to governments in different levels in terms of tackling severe natural disasters.<br><br> The book has extended the research fields of disaster assessment and emergency management, and filled in the blank of relevant theory and application, which is considered as a milestone. At the same time, it provided both theoretical framework and application guideline in areas of typhoon disaster, emergency management and the like to researchers, management stuff, social workers, educators as well as graduate students. In multiple layers and viewpoints, it is deemed as a must-have book for personnel in both governmental and social emergency management departments.<br>

By remee    

2015-10-12(Mon) 21:12



By lingzis    

2016-04-23(Sat) 12:10




By lingzis    

2016-04-23(Sat) 18:49



The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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2016-04-21(Thu) 21:15

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